Project Description

Public relations and its process is one of the most commonly misunderstood concepts of a company’s marketing strategy. At Thomson Communications, we specialize in defining a strategic PR program that aligns with overall business goals from the highest level all the way down through a company’s roots.

A good PR strategy is so much more than a one-off media hit. It begins with a steady drum beat and builds on itself to ensure that what you have to say is authentic and woven into the fabric of your overall strategy.

Public Relations is so much more than a press release. Sure, it’s a tool in our toolbox, but in today’s communications environment, the value of thought leadership, meaningful social media and the ability for a business to not only talk about itself, but the landscape in which it operates are all critical to creating a buzz. We take a holistic approach to your communications strategy and are constantly evolving our methods to ensure we’re telling every aspect of your story to each of your targeted audiences.

From news announcements to expert commentary, Thomson Communications shines when it comes to acting as a liaison between you and the journalists who tell your story. Not only do we have solid relationships with award-winning journalists, editors, and producers, but should we need to, we are quick to reach out and establish new connections to ensure you’re always in front of who you need to be.

We cultivate ongoing personal relationships between clients and the media. This strategy builds visibility, creates awareness and understanding, and results in positive long-term rapport between your company and those influential members of the press who deliver your message.

Through proper planning and execution, Thomson Communications effectively defines and positions clients in an increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace.

Providing members of the media with the information they need to serve their audiences will result in greater media coverage. Proactive outreach efforts to reporters and editors with the goal of influencing their direction is key. This is accomplished through a variety of ways, including:

  • Targeted Story Pitches
  • News Releases
  • Media Relations
  • Media Training
  • Press Events
  • Media Interviews
  • Media Tours

We develop the sound bites and concepts that generate media interest and optimum coverage. We understand the crucial role that targeted writing plays in positioning your message. And most importantly, we write the kind of copy to which our clients and media respond.

Speechwriting is also a specialty of Thomson Communications.

Businesses today must embrace social media tools like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Tumblr to reach their audiences. At Thomson Communications, we ensure that social media campaigns are entwined with your overall communications plan so that every tool is utilized and leveraged to maximize results.

Crisis Communications Planning & Management

Every day brings the possibility of any kind of crisis or disaster, be it natural or man-made. While there is rarely a way to predict the timing or nature of a crisis, we can arm you with the best defense against the unknown: A thorough plan that addresses all of the “what-ifs.” And it doesn’t end there. We will be by your side to execute these plans and navigate any crisis that may arise to ensure your reputation remains intact and you emerge with your brand strongly in place.