Burger lovers took on a big challenge for Fat Tuesday — a 3-pound burger challenge.

Meat eaters, burger enthusiasts, and those with a competitive side faced off at the Fuddruckers on Route 1, and in North Andover, Reading, and Methuen.

The contestants were tasked with demolishing a 3-pound burger patty and a 1-pound bun, a pound of fries on the side, and a bottomless soda in under an hour.

To put that in perspective, a large order of fries at Fuddruckers — and at McDonald’s — weighs about 150 grams, according to the fast food chain’s website. So, a pound of crinkle-cut fries is about three orders.

“The most popular size burger at the restaurant is a half-pound,” said David Thomson, a spokesman with Thomson Communications, the firm that represents the restaurant.

A 3-pound patty is six portions of the most common choice, he said.

“I compare it to eating a meatloaf,” said Thomson. “It’s huge.”

Participants who are able to finish the giant meal within an hour received a $25 gift certificate to Fuddruckers.

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