WBZ Features DanversCARES & #WhyYouMatter Campaign

Students in Danvers are holding up a mirror to their peers with a simple message: you matter. They’ve taken more than 1000 pictures of students, teachers and staff. Their goal? To help others.

The Why You Matter project has turned into a beautiful display in the halls of the high school.

“I said, I matter because I have more to accomplish in life,” says Calvin Mansfield, a Danvers High School student.

“I care about others,” adds Julia Ryan.

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DanversCARES Presents Vaping Seminar for Parents

Vaping has become a growing issue of concern among parents in the community.

“Parents are afraid,” said Director of the Northeast Tobacco Free Community Partnership Diane Knight. “They are concerned for their kids.”

To educate parents about an issue that is often misunderstood, DanversCARES organized a vaping seminar last Thursday night at Danvers High School. Knight ran the majority of the seminar, and many parents from the community showed up to learn more about the issue.

“It’s so prevalent and parents need to understand that if they see their kids doing this stuff, a lot of [the kids] don’t realize how harmful this stuff is,” said Judith Ryan, the public health nurse in town who helped run a portion of the seminar. “They don’t think that it’s dangerous.”

Since 2008, DanversCARES has administered a Youth Risk Behavior Survey for grades 7 to 12 every two years. In 2016, only 6 percent of Danvers High School students reported vaping. However, today, 27 percent of high school students in Danvers reportedly vape.

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DanversCARES Brings Pet Therapy to Danvers High School

Exam period can be a stressful time for high school students.

To relieve that stress, DanversCARES invited representatives from Perfect Paws Pet Ministry and their certified therapy dogs to Danvers High School to interact with the kids during mid-term week.

“Something as simple as petting a dog after doing a brutal exam can make a big difference,” said DanversCARES Interim Director Lyle Harrod. “You wouldn’t believe the amount of stress these kids are under.”

DanversCARES is a community group in town focused on positive youth development. Although this is the second year DanversCARES organized the program, the DanversCARES high school student group initially thought of the idea.

“We want to try to find healthy alternatives so students don’t go to using addictive products and can find other stuff like playing with dogs,” said one sophomore in DanversCARES.

“Everyone really gets stressed over mid-terms and finals, and they can play with the dogs and it calms them down,” added another student in the group.

Harrod explained why these dogs are important for the students’ mental health.

“They are giving you a fun stress relief alternative, and you are also getting a healthy coping mechanism,” said Harrod. “If you are really stressed out or are going through a tough time, [you may] resort to smoking marijuana or using other substances but the focus here is a positive alternative.”

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DanversCARES Featured in Northshore Magazine

Communal Caring with DanversCARES

A town-wide partnership whose mission is to help youth and families make healthy decisions.

(Article appears on page 90 of September 2018 issue of magazine)

What does it take to get the superintendent of schools, a representative of the police department, a selectman, a member of the clergy, high school students, and over 20 other community leaders together each month? In Danvers, the answer is DanversCARES, a town-wide partnership whose mission is to help youth and families make healthy decisions.

DanversCARES started in the mid 1990s as a school-based health advisory committee with the vision to invite community partners to the table to support school-based health and physical education efforts.

About 10 years ago, the group evolved into a formal community-based partnership led by former program director Peg Sallade. The group, which now includes acting director (formerly the assistant director) Lyle Harrod, adheres to the philosophy that partnerships are built on community involvement and designed to address local needs. This is done through collaborative dialogue, prioritizing concerns, and seeking partners and resources to support the work.

And boy has this group been working! Using data collected by regular surveys, DanversCARES has tackled issues including access to alcohol and prescription medication by teens, a mentor program run by Danvers High School upperclassmen athletes for incoming freshmen athletes, internet safety, and opioid prevention.

“The value of the partnership model is that we can really get a pulse on what is happening in the community in order to take the appropriate measures to address [it],” says Sallade. “Having spent my career in public health and prevention, I have been pleased to work in a community where so many people from so many different parts of the town come together to make a difference.”

Danvers supports youth and families in many ways: a good school system, opportunities for community service, quality recreation programming and facilities, effective social services, and more. “All of these help make Danvers a healthy, vibrant community,” says Steve Bartha, town manager. “However, we can’t pretend that Danvers is perfect. We have many of the same issues facing communities across the Commonwealth and around the country. DanversCARES helps us to identify and respond to those issues.”

Read entire article: https://www.nshoremag.com/faces-places/communal-caring-with-danverscares/

DanversCARES Offers Seminar From Internet Safety Expert

Northshore Magazine online offers information about Internet Safety Seminar hosted by DanversCARES from expert Katie Greer.

DanversCARES, in partnership with the Danvers Public Schools, welcomes nationally recognized internet safety expert Katie Greer on Wednesday, March 14 at 7:00 p.m. in the Danvers High School auditorium. Keeping up with the latest trends and dangers can often seem like an impossible task. Katie Greer will help parents and other concerned adults navigate the digital waters and explain what’s new, what’s now, and what’s next when it comes to your children and technology.  She will cover the latest apps, gaming, social networking, and device trends while also explaining cyberbullying laws and safety rules. This seminar – for adults only – will include how to use social media in a positive way and provides parents with proactive ways to keep kids safe.

For more information visit DanversCares.org or call 978-777-8932 x 2214. Learn more about Katie Greer at klgreer.com.