Northshore Magazine – August 2016

There are times during a teenager’s school years when they have to choose which path to take. Will they take honors courses, join the debate team, act in a play, or try out for a sports team?

Clark School, a private school in Rowley, exposes students to a wide variety of opportunities. Some are looking for a more challenging, individualized curriculum—while others, who are professional dancers, actors, or athletes, need the flexibility to accommodate their ever-changing schedules. Clark’s unique learning environment also provides an education designed to help those with learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

Since 1978, Clark School has been welcoming students who demonstrate high intellectual, creative, or leadership abilities. Clark School students respond to an environment that encourages them to develop their talents fully, in and out of the classroom. The school emphasizes positive personal values, high achievement and meaningful participation in the community.

It wasn’t until last fall, however, that the school was able to accommodate the needs of its student athletes. Because of its size, Clark School was not able to offer competitive high school teams in any sport on its own. “More and more we heard from our students and prospective students that athletics were important to them,” says Jeff Clark, head of school at Clark. “Because we want each of our students to be successful, we began to explore the ways in which we could provide athletic experiences to them.”

The process for Clark School, and any other school in the state in a similar situation, is to contact the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA), a private, nonprofit association organized by its member schools to govern, coordinate, and promote education based programs for high school students.

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