Ellie Eckhoff, Senior Vice President at ClearRock, is quoted by Glassdoor in an article titled, “9 Perfect Jobs for Career Changers”


Number of Open Jobs: 73,545

Median Base Salary: $88,395

Why It’s Great for Career Changers: “Are you an expert in the financial, construction or healthcare industries? These are growing sectors in the economy and there are opportunities for people to insert themselves into a business temporarily. Clearly, you need to be a subject matter expert. On top of that, you must be willing to share your advice and recommendations and find comfort in working with some uncertainty about the work and ambiguity about what’s next. This is a great option because workers get to ‘try out’ companies before they commit, and they can build their own business.” —Ellie Eckhoff

Go to the Glassdoor web site to read the complete article: https://www.glassdoor.com/blog/jobs-for-career-changers/