Mike Gould has a unique reason for putting himself through the 26.2-mile ordeal of the Boston Marathon: to see if he can someday push others.

“My main goal is to push someone in a wheelchair for the whole race,” he said. “I figure if I’m going to do that, I may as well see whether I can run it myself.”

Gould, 33, will run to benefit the Northeast Arc, an organization out of Danvers that strives to make life better for those with disabilities.

He got the inspiration to push a wheelchair-bound person through both Team Hoyt — the famous father-son duo that do the Marathon annually — and Craig Welton, Arc’s chief development officer.

“He runs while pushing someone in a wheelchair,” said Gould, whose family owns Treadwell’s Ice Cream in Peabody.

Gould found out that Northeast Arc had some marathon bibs available. The only thing he had to do to get one of the official numbers to run was to raise $7,500 for the charity — a figure he has already exceeded by more than $2,500.

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