Project Description

David Thomson has been involved with the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer since its inception, managing the stage program for this event that attracts 35,000 people annually. This entails working with media sponsors to arrange for station talent to host the event, scheduling all speakers and entertainers, scripting remarks for the hosts and introductions for speakers and entertainers for the entire five hour event. Event day activities involve handling talent, speakers and entertainers, adjusting schedule as necessary due to changes in events, and managing inquiries from staff, walkers and others.

In 2001, in addition to the stage program, Thomson Communications took on the duties of handling the public relations activities in the Boston market for the event. Although the events of September 11th made getting reporters and editors interested in anything not related to the tragedy very challenging, we were able to produce solid results. The American Cancer Society’s in-house team now handles PR surrounding the event.

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