Project Description

In 2015, Danvers Electric turned to Thomson Communications when it it was struggling to get residents to participate in its Peak Savings Program, an incentive program designed to lower energy use during extremely hot summer days. Thomson Communications created a logo for the program, a photo shoot to demonstrate ways reduce energy use, created mailers and door hangers that were distributed to residents, and a banner hung downtown. Response to the program exceeded expectations, as Danvers reduced its peak load in 2015 from a forecast of 74 megawatts to 72.1 megawatts, saving approximately $80,000 through the Peak Savings Program.

The Danvers Electric Peak Savings Program was recognized by the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA) as a recipient of their Innovation Award in January 2016.

Thomson Communications was contracted by the Town of Danvers Electric Department again in 2016 to launch a campaign for businesses in town. This expanded the program to include 5 large commercial customers and 74 small and medium commercial customers along with 1,200 enrolled residential customers. Both the residential and commercial participants achieved a 1,875 kW load reduction. The expanded program continues to accomplish the goal of saving energy during peak hours and helps contain energy costs for the Town of Danvers.