Project Description

The Lorenzi Group captures, reconstructs and analyzes electronic data that has been deleted or destroyed. This case critical evidence is then presented to attorneys and litigation support professionals for use in litigation. Offering a full suite of services, The Lorenzi Group can collect, process, analyze, and report on any format of digital data – from hard drives and backup tapes to cell phones and PDAs to Tivos and iPods.

Rob Fitzgerald, president of The Lorenzi Group turned to Thomson Communications when he wanted to increase awareness for his firm. Since working with the Lorenzi Group, Thomson Communications has secured appearances for Fitzgerald in a wide variety of media outlets and is now a recognized expert in the field of digital forensics.

He was a featured speaker at Ziff Davis Enterprise’s Virtual Trade Show The Data Protection Dilemma and has given lively and thought-provoking presentations to the Boston Bar Association, the Vermont Paralegal Association, and the Construction Financial Management Association.

Fitzgerald wrote a glowing letter of reference regarding his experience with Thomson Communications.

As a frugal business executive I often have to make decisions on whether or not the value of a product or service will justify its expense. Hiring Thomson Communications has provided a solid return on my investment. Within a few months, the agency implemented a plan that has referenced or quoted The Lorenzi Group in multiple traditional and online media venues, including nationally recognized BusinessWeek magazine resulting in numerous new client leads.

Rob Fitzgerald, The Lorenzi Group