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Chicago Tribune Quotes ClearRock Consultant

ClearRock’s Susan Peppercorn is quoted in Kathleen Furore’s Chicago Tribune’s article titled, 

“Older workers shouldn’t feel discourage about getting back into the sales game”

DEAR KATHLEEN: My 68-year-old brother wants to get back into sales and is having a very difficult time finding a […]

ClearRock President Offers Tips in Huff Post Article

When Casey Bond was writing her article titled, “9 Seemingly Harmless Things You Should Never Have On Your Resume,” ClearRock President, Laura Possion was happy to offer the following tip about removing meaningless buzzwords:

How many ninjas and gurus do you know in your industry? Probably too many. These […]

ClearRock VP Tell Monster What Execs Need to Negotiate

ClearRock’s Senior Vice President, Ellie Eckhoff, tells Kate Ashford of what executives should be negotiating when considering a job offer.

When considering a new position, your future paycheck is obviously a big part of the package. But as an executive, there can be multiple and sometimes complex aspects of your […]

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